Zulaka Consulting is now Safe & Eco Driving SA Pty (Ltd)


You had a good experience with Zulaka Consulting, it will be an even better one with

Safe and Eco Driving SA Pty (Ltd).


Hoping for a continued business relationship as Safe and Eco Driving SA Pty (Ltd) with our clients!




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Safe & Eco Driving (Pty) Ltd


Welcome to our exciting new website


You've come to know Zulaka Consulting as a premier training
and development agency.


Chances are that your organisation may have benefited from our services before.


We are proud to announce our
new branding makeover from Zulaka Consulting to

Safe and Eco Driving South Africa (Pty) Ltd


Watch this space for updates and our new look coming soon!

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Welcome to  Safe & Eco Driving SA Pty (Ltd)

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Zulaka De Waal


Ridhwaan De Waal

Operations Manager

Ton van Vuren

Board Member

Robert van Maanen


Board Member

Carmen Consul

Administrative Assistant

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